Construction Recycyling

Built Green® Clallam Takes a Look at Construction & Demolition Material Reuse and Recycling

Turning Construction Refuse into a Resource

Clallam County, the Department of Ecology, & Built Green® Clallam aim to Increase Recycling of Construction Materials

Build Green Clallam2003* last study Clallam County businesses & residents disposed of about 7,000 tons of construction & demolition (C&D) materials (14% of the volume of refuse delivered to the landfill.) Since the closing of our landfill in 2006, building materials, including concrete, drywall, lumber, glass, paint, and asphalt roofing, are hauled and disposed in Boardman, Oregon. That’s a 275 mile journey!

We now know that much of this jettisoned material is reusable and recyclable, and Clallam County recognizes that diverting these potential resources from land filling could be a benefit to the community. It is initiating a local construction and demolition materials re-use and recycling infrastructure.

Supported by a grant from the Washington Department of Ecology, the county has contracted with the North Peninsula Building Association & Built Green® of Clallam County to explore options for reducing the amount of construction & demolition debris & improving local recycling systems. Desired outcomes of this initiative are:

  • Identifying existing markets & business opportunities in construction recycling
  • Increasing awareness in green building concepts, resources, & local recycling opportunities
  • Establishing a recycling framework through code changes & permitting processes
  • Streamlining sustainable building practices to reduce waste & preserve natural resources

Built Green® of Clallam County created a survey to create a baseline of information about current construction / demolition waste disposal attitudes & practices. This information will help determine the scope of needs & be a first step in exploring new ways to reuse & recycle local construction materials.

Send your ideas to this project to: Built Green® of Clallam County at or 360-452.8160.

Builders, suppliers, or providers of a recycling service please fill out the surveys linked below to help us attain these goals.